Zombie Book Ideas

Some plot points for a zombie-themed book I may or may not write at some point. The main character, Zed, goes from being a “regular” guy to a pivotal figure in mankind’s struggle against a zombie apocolypse, and eventually the leader of a new post-human society.

  • zed sights the first zombies in his neighborhood (zed lives in an apartment similar to our office)
  • zed discovers from the internet that zombies are rising in his city (he has no tv)
  • zed contacts his siblings and parents to learn more
  • judy holes up at the NIH and begins fortifications
  • parents isolate themselves on the island
  • sylvia is unreachable
  • zed realizes he needs to stock up on food and weapons before things get too bad
  • he heads across town to a shopping center to get groceries, goes to bookstore to look for zombie books too
  • zed barely escapes shopping center, heads north on the main highway out of town
  • zed contacts judy, learns they have fortified the NIH and they are debating a research plan
  • zed is invited to DC to join judy
  • he makes the harrowing trip north by car and makes it to Manassas
  • zed contacts Judy and learns that some zombies remain alive
  • zed contacts parents and learns of their isolation on the island
  • zed loses the car in a zombie attack and continues on foot
  • the highways are choked with cars fleeing the city so he follows the train tracks to DC
  • she later reports that one has come back
  • when he is zombified, judy tracks him via cell phone and has a team pick him up
  • he fights his way back from zombiehood, regaining control of his mind
  • CDC begins work on a serum to help bring people back
  • zed begins going into the city to tag living people for extraction
  • upon clearing a city, a post-zombie “Ambassador” is left behind to identify other ABs, save them, and enlist their help to remove the remaining zombies from the city
  • CDC asks Zed to help bring back other zombies from their mindless state because he can interact with them since he does not drive their hunger
  • zed and his new team of recovered zombies connects w/ militants to move about the country collecting the living and destroying cities
  • the living are collecting in a few fortified locations around the country
  • scouting trip reveals that zombies are drawn to groups of people and are surrounding the cities
  • massive battles at the various human enclaves, most of which are overrun
  • a few enclaves remain as “bait” cities to attract the remaining zombies. Teams of post-zombies patrol the outside to destroy zombies as they arrive.
  • Revelation that post-zombies cannot reproduce but also do not appear to age or get sick
  • remaining humans are fearful of the post-zombies, because they can still spread the virus, but they need them to protect their lives
  • post-zombie communities struggle with decision to help the humans or live apart from them.
  • Zed advocates for a seperate society and becomes it’s leader.

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