Notes on Zombie Biology

There are plenty of “types” of zombies described in different stories, movies, video games, etc. Personally, I like the idea of a variety of different kinds of zombie as it allows for interesting interactions, and varying survival strategies, depending on the type of zombie(s) encountered. But the different types must have some plausible explanation of why they differ. My concept is that blood type determines zombie type.

Types A and B is the “traditional” slow shuffling zombie.

Type O are the “fast” zombies that sprint.

Type AB are slow, but unique in that they can become a zombie but remain alive. This makes them vulnerable to damage, starvation, etc. but also means they can be “brought back” – reverted to normal humans. Well, almost normal. As a side effect, AB zombies retain their mind and ability to think and feel, but lose control of their bodies and are driven by the same hunger for human flesh that drives all zombies.

Other zombie characteristics:

  • zombies ignore other zombies
  • zombies are weakly drawn to living people, with large groups causing a greater draw
  • zombieism spreads by death or zombie bite (which causes death at different rates depending on severity of bite, and personal constitution
  • through force of will an AB zombie can regain control of their body (essentially meditation to calm the mind to the point where zombie control is lessened)
  • a recovered AB zombie is not attacked by other zombies
  • zombies cannot speak or operate tools, but may have vague recollection of how to do some things that have been learned in life, such as using door handles, etc. maybe career truck drivers could drive a truck
  • dead zombies cannot swallow and are not able to actually eat anything
  • living zombies must eat and drink and have a dulled sense of hunger and pain. those sensations increase as they fight to regain control of their bodies

One comment

  • Based on the average zombie, we can presume a few things about the virus’ relationship to decomposition. First, is that the zombie virus

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